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Cortney. 22 :). Friendly. Happily taken. I love music and tattoos. Willing to talk to anyone. If you need advice, I'm here for you. I track themightyfuckingvg
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Poolside. #heatwave

Oscar Akermo, Sweden

Trying to find a house both I and my boyfriend can agree on is a pain in the ass. I’m just hoping we can get one in time.

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My little hulk is getting so big!!!

The amount I have been sleeping and wanting to sleep is ridiculous.

I’m barely doing anything to make me this tired. I guess this is just how wonderful pregnancy is….SLEEP lol

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So yeah, this happened. Pregnancy brain is real. #preggo #pregnant #pregnancybrain #funny #omg #wtf

Ugh, omg. I’ve been sitting here waiting to talk to the teacher about my project for almost an hour. Then people come talk to him and then another student just plants herself right beside him. Basically it’s not fucking happening today…

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Now that I know I’m having a girl, I’m going to dress her up in all kinds of cute punk rocker stuff. Omg I’m so excited hahaha

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